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Level 7

Blurry Spectrum now

My Spectrum app on 1 tv turned blurry yesterday. Have other tv's in house with Roku, and they are all fine. Heard Spectrum did something to their app, but why is this happening on only 1 tv?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Blurry Spectrum now


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried to contact Spectrum support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

You can reach Spectrum support here:


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
Level 9

Re: Blurry Spectrum now

Don't delete the app from your device.  Roku recently took the Spectrum app off of the platform so no new downloads are available.  It's the only reason I bought 2 Roku devices and now I can't use either of them to access the only app I needed to watch Spectrum via streaming.

Level 7

Re: Blurry Spectrum now

Got this from Spectrum site! Thanks for the information. Just relaying to you what I found. 

  •      Despite our best efforts to reach an agreement, Roku has not accepted Spectrum's offer to continue our contract, which allowed customers to access the Spectrum TV app from Roku devices.

This change may prevent new downloads of the Spectrum TV app to your Roku device, but you can still access your full video library to your Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, smartphone or tablet.

If you already use the Spectrum TV app on Roku, your service shouldn’t be affected.

Be sure not to uninstall the app, but you can still add devices by signing in to your current account.

If you’re new to Roku, or if you have not yet downloaded the app, you can still access Spectrum programming on another device, or use your smartphone or laptop to screen mirror Spectrum content to your Roku TV.

Find out more about using the Spectrum TV app, or get help to troubleshoot common concerns.

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