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Bell Crave channel issue

It constantly tells me too many people are logged in but this is definitely not the case. If I delete the channel, restart the box, and reinstall the channel, it's fine until I go to another channel and then come back. If I've finished an episode and let it time out to the next episode it's okay, but if I click on the next episode to hurry things up, it again tells me too many people are logged in, and I must repeat the whole tedious process described above. The channel is not entirely unwatchable, just very inconvenient, since this nonsense should not be unnecessary. 

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Re: Bell Crave channel issue

There are two ways that error message can be interpreted. I normally would assume it means too many connections from a single account, and it sounds like you're interpreting it that way too.

But another possibility is that it means their server had as many concurrent sessions as it could handle and was temporarily turning away additional ones. Maybe when you let it go to the next episode on its own it doesn't release the connection so the error is not triggered, but when you "jump the gun" and jump ahead, perhaps it releases the session and has to establish a new one.
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Re: Bell Crave channel issue

Thank you for your reply and please forgive my delayed response.

I updated the system earlier today, and to my surprise there was a Crave update, which after cursory testing with different shows and episodes and clicking etc, seems to have fixed the problem.  But we shall see.

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