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BBC TV iPlayer - No Regional News

I use Roku Express to watch the BBC iPlayer which works fine except that I can’t see the local London news and weather. Instead I get a caption saying “BBC One HD cannot yet show programmes from your area”. I have changed the iPlayer Video Quality setting from Best Quality to Standard Definition with no effect.  I can watch local programmes via the iPlayer on my phone and the same WiFi so what’s the problem with Roku? Thank you for any advice.
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Re: BBC TV iPlayer - No Regional News

Hi there! 

Thanks for reaching out. 

All content availability is controlled by each channel provider directly. If you aren't seeing certain content available or experience any issues with content, you'll want to contact that channel/service provider directly to report the issue and request additional information or support. In some cases, channel providers may not always offer exact parity of content between different platforms. You can get in touch with BBC support here for more help:

Let us know if you have any other questions we can help with! 

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Re: BBC TV iPlayer - No Regional News

Hi HM, did you get to the bottom of this, same issue with me. I've contacted the BBC, but all they've suggested so far is to change the location, which I've done and no joy.


BBC iPlayer won't play BBC1 Live local news, thinks I'm on HD. Location is already set to London.

Feedback Description - Feedback Summary - BBC iPlayer won't play BBC1 Live local news, shows a message saying I'm on HD.  Location is already set to London, as suggested on the original BBC reply.
Feedback Description - I have the bbc iPlayer app on my Roku Streaming Stick+. I have changed the settings to SD and I can' t get local BBC news on BBC1 Live, it tells me I'm on HD.
App Version:; Bigscreen Version: 4.1.1
Build Identifier: Mon Oct 19 2020
Framework Version: 11.1.5, Config prebuilt-11.1.5
Device: Roku Streamer 2017 3810EU Amarillo
Launched: live, Environment: LIVE, Domain: bbctvapps
Colour Depth: 32 bits-per-pixel 

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