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Apps keep crashing on TCL Roku TV

I have multiple Roku devices but primarily watching TCL Roku TV in living room while eating, and I think this issue is most likely related to roku rather than the TV itself (btw the TV is only 3m old). 
I just noticed today when watching 2 channels (CBSNews and Bloomberg) for just every few minutes the apps crash, one crash on CBSNews caused the TV to restart, then I switched to watch Bloomberg, but the app still kept crashing (not restart the TV though) a few times for just every 2~3 min. 

The system is 8.1.0-4139-48, last update 7/18/2018. But I noticed the homepage has changed since yesterday, there is no longer "News" tab available on the left side, which prompted me to watch other channels. but there were no such issue watching those channels before. I suspected there was a recent system update causing these crashes (even though it shows the last update was 7/18, was the homepage change not by a system update?)

This is really a horrible user experience, anyone has similar experiences?
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Re: Apps keep crashing on TCL Roku TV

I just bought a 55” TCL Roku tv 4K and Netflix wouldn’t even work yesterday, just kept going back to home screen. I bought the tv for my daughter who only watches Netflix and you tube and she told me it kicks her out of those two constantly. Also, when i finally did get it to work a little, there was a lot of pixelization issues. I decided to give it a day break. Today, so far it seems to be working, but i told my daughter to tell me if it kicks her out again. Might be returning this to Costco if it continues. We bought it on sale because t was a i am beginning to see why.
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