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Apple TV+ crashes on Two Roku 3910RW Devices

So I have four Roku 3910RW devices and Apple TV+ plays fine on two of them. But on the other two, the app crashes after about seven or eight seconds and takes me back to the main Roku home screen. Sometimes I can see the TV+ splash screen, sometimes I can't. I never get to the main TV+ screen before the crash.

I have tried the typical suggested solutions to app crashes, including clearing the cache, restarting the Roku, even a factory reset. None of the potential fixes work on those two 3910RW devices.

In all other respects, the two Rokus function perfectly with all other apps/channels.

I find this behavior very strange since Apple TV+ works fine on two of my 3910RW devices, but absolutely refuses to run on two others. All four devices are linked to the same account.

Anybody have any theories/suggestions?

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