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App removal unintended from other TVs

YouTube app was not working from a Roku TV in one bedroom.  I removed it on that TV and it also removed it from the TV in the living room.   How do I keep this from happening?  I would like each TV to be independent and have their own app setups.

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Level 20

Re: App removal unintended from other TVs

The only way to prevent it from happening with devices on the same account is to turn off/disconnect from the network the other Roku devices on your account.  However, as soon as you turn them back on/reconnect them, the apps will be removed.

To avoid removal from all/other Rokus, I recommend:

1)  Turn off other Rokus that arent having an app(s) removed.

2)  Remove app from Roku, restart Roku (MUST DO THIS HERE), re-add app to Roku.

3)  Turn on other Rokus.

Otherwise, you'll need separate accounts for each device.


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