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Any way to stream Fox News?

I used to be able to get Fox News by entering the YouTube channel, and searching for "Fox News Live Stream."

Sadly that does not work any longer.

The Roku FoxNews channel is not what I am looking for.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Any way to stream Fox News?

The Roku Fox News channel is the only way to do it legally now, so yeah, that's about it.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Any way to stream Fox News?

I'm not certain on this one, but I believe if you have any issues streaming from the Fox News app, you can cast the feed from Fox News directly from Fox News' website, which is legal. There are apps you can use on your phone or tablet that you can use to cast streams to your Roku. I have done this before for content that I pay for that don't have standalone Roku channels/apps and it has been a stress reducer for me with regard to both content that I pay for and/or websites that stream Boxing cards on a PPV basis that don't offer a standalone app for streaming devices, so having the ability to cast content has been a benefit that has allowed me to cover the cards (I'm a Boxing writer). I do wish that companies would invest in standalone apps across devices, but I assume the priority, especially for the newer digital OTT networks is to acquire rights to stream content across their respective websites first then worry about developing OTT apps. Personally, I think it would help those networks out of the gate if they invest in staffs that know how to develop apps that may not be filled with a ton of features, but at least offer a simple path to stream content on devices like Roku until they can reinvest the time and energy necessary to make the apps feature filled. 

I'm not sure how it is nowadays because the OTT hardware market has grown significantly, but I remember when I first got a Roku device back in 2012 after over two years of doing my research, one reason why I purchased it was for access to GFL, which at the time was one of, if not the prime OTT PPV content platform for combat sports events (Boxing, Pro Wrestling, MMA, etc.) After I got my device and got everything set up, which took me all of fifteen minutes, some friends of mine told me who had been Roku users before me that one of the selling points for them was how simple the respective channels/apps layouts were and one of them said that from a developer standpoint it was likely easier to make and develop a Roku app as compared to other devices so I don't know why more content providers don't invest in developing apps more. One app in particular that I have been waiting for Roku to get is the Facebook Video app, which features a ton of news content streamed exclusively on the Facebook video platform by news networks like Fox News, CNN, etc that are not aired on the networks' respective OTT apps and for someone in my line of work, a ton of Boxing events now streamed directly from promoters or OTT networks strictly developed to air on Facebook. Seeing as Facebook has rights to MLB games akin to a national game of the week on traditional TV, I don't know why they won't put themselves on Roku. Maybe someone more in the know on the subject can fill me in on that, but I've had to invest in other platforms to gain access, when I'd much rather prefer having access on Roku as it's my primary device of choice. 
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Re: Any way to stream Fox News?

You can get it with a subscription to DirecTV Now or Playstation Vue or Hulu Live. Also YouTube TV or Fubo.
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