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Any thoughts on VidAngel

I've used Roku for nine years and really like it, so I bought a Roku TV. In the process of setting up channels Vidangel is no where to be found.

Why did Roku make thousands of channel / apps on available on their TV but not Vidangel?

The Vidangel channel has always worked well with Roku players I've used. I'm highly irritated with Roku for doing this. 

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Level 18

Re: Any thoughts on VidAngel

Thats VidAngel's decision to not support their Roku Channel.

Roku makes the platform not the Channels.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 7

Re: Any thoughts on VidAngel

There is a way! Download the app, choose what you want to watch with the app on your phone, and choose the option to stream to tv, then you can connect to Roku!

It is definitely an untraditional way of doing it, the only way to use it on the Roku is through your phone with the app.

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