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Another Fox News complaint

1) All the major news channels EXCEPT Fox News allow streaming live (free) news.  Fox requires you to use a TV/cable provider at additional cost.  I found that I can load the Fox News ap and jump past the LIVE selection and get the podcasts.  I can live without "Live" Fox News as long as I can stream the podcasts.
2) When I view Fox News podcasts, EVERY time an ad comes on, it resets the ad back to the beginning after about a 4 second play.  Then the full ad runs.  This is annoying and I reported it to Fox News support. (I didn't mention to them that often the ads are pixelated as well.  I could care less.)
3) Just to be clear:  CBSN works like a charm and is the industry standard when it comes to streaming news (IMHO).   ABC news is slow to load, but otherwise works well.  NBC news (which I watch rarely) is also slow to respond and programming is not as slick as others.  CNN works, but is too liberal to tolerate. I prefer SKY news or any other news feeds to CNN.
If Fox ever gets their act together it may pair with CBSN, but until then I think they will lag in customer base.

All said and done, ROKU is my go-to for TV programming.  I have been a customer for several years and just now registered on the forum to see if I could find a clue about my issue with Fox News.  I see that many Roku customers have other complaints about Fox News, so I thought my comments might help.
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Re: Another Fox News complaint

ust ten minutes ago I order FOUR Amazon Fire Sticks.  I have noticed for over the last month plus I have had numerous problems watching Fox News.  Why does this not happen with ANY OTHER APP.  I highly suspect politics involved.  Roku will say no, but I don't really buy it.

And, yes, I've done the re-install and re-setting and all that other time wasted garbage.

It's too bad because I really liked Roku.  The other day I borrowed my neighbor's fire stick when I was having all kinds of problems trying to watch Fox News live - kept having errors and re-booting.  Today I couldn't even connected with any of their pre-recorded programs.

Roku keeps saying that they worked a deal with Fox, but that is NOT what I am reading elsewhere.

So when my fire sticks arrive and I set them up (in my house and at my office), I will be throwing all the Roku gadgets in the trash.  Sure, I could give them away.  But then Roku still benefits.  

Sorry Roku.  I'm gone.

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