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“An unexpected error occurred” in Movie & TV Store

Recently had the same problem and though it was solved at the time (and I was sure that I saved it somewhere in case it happened again), but I cannot find it or replicate it. The problem is when I click on the ROKU-Movie or ROKU-TV Store by Vudu Fandango in the Home Screen, I get the error notification above in the subject line. It is as though I need to re-login to Vudu somewhere, and I have done that on every Vudu platform that I have & through every mode I access Vudu from; mobile app, mobile Chrome, desktop Chrome, iPad app, iPad Chrome, iPad Safari, & of course the Vudu app in ROKU. I have logged out and log back in to each one, and did them all at the same time even so that there was nothing logged into Vudu when I began logging back in.  I was almost positive that that’s what I did before and it cleared the error notification up & I was again able to go into the movie and TV store to purchase or rent movies from Vudu through Roku. I recently had to have my power supply in the TV replaced because it went out, and since that happened I have not been able to get back into the movie and TV store regardless of where I re-login to Vudu trying to do so.

Bill E.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: “An unexpected error occurred” in Movie & TV Store


Thanks for he post.

Have you tried reaching out to the channel provider to see what insight they can offer you? Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 



Danny R.
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