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American Horror Channel and Bizarre TV

Are both of these channels gone for good.

American Horrors starts to load but stops.

Bizarre TV give following message

     Channel Error (11-8ed24f52)
  Sorry this channel is temporarily unavailable. This may be
caused by a slow internet connection. If your internet connection is OK, please check with the owner for more information.

Don't know how to check with owner. Tried to log into website but get the following

Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available.

American Horror website is still there but nothing plays on it
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Re: American Horror Channel and Bizarre TV

How long has the "temporarily unavailable" message been displaying? If it just started, then maybe they haven't fixed the issue yet. If it's been weeks or months, I'd suspect they're gone.

As the Bizarre TV Website is down, and the Twitter feed hasn't been updated in months, and the domain registration expired last month, I'd suspect they're gone.

I can't find "American Horror Channel" in the Roku Store. I find "American Horrors" (plural with no "channel" in the name). If that's the channel you're looking for, their Twitter account is recently active (late June).

The Website is up and running, and videos play. Well, the Website is really a bunch of embedded YouTube videos. Some won't play because they were taken down. That could be for any number of reasons, but the bottom line is American Horrors isn't hosting the videos. And, if the videos are uploaded pirate copies, YouTube will take them down.

I suspect these two apps are down for different reasons. I suspect Bizarre TV is gone, and American Horrors may be back.
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Re: American Horror Channel and Bizarre TV

The Temporary unavailable message has been there for about a week and a half.

You are correct it is called American Horrors not American Horror channel.
Have had this Channel for a long time and just recently stopped working.  This has also been down for about a week and a half.
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Re: American Horror Channel and Bizarre TV

The lady that ran Bizarre TV, Rhonda Baffes, unfortunately died earlier this year. I'm surprised it was on still after that.
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