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Amazon Prime not working again on Roku

My Amazon Prime has been working for years and suddenly today it's asking me to login. This is ONLY happening with Roku access to this channel - no other streaming devices are having this problem. When I try to login through Roku, it generates a code and tells me to use my computer to enter the code to authenticate my Roku.

When I try to enter the code, the code is rejected and I get an error message telling me to call a phone number that's for some call center that's obviously not in the US. When I called this number, their tech began walking me though a process that would've granted them remote admin access to my COMPUTER - to fix a ROKU problem.

I'm tech savvy and I refused to grant this person admin access to all of my data without them explaining what they were trying to accomplish and why it required remote admin access to my **bleep** computer - which this 'tech' would not that call ended with no resolution and really **bleep** customer service by Roku. I came here looking for a solution, and also asking Roku why this is happening and why they feel I should permit international remote admin access to my computer! to fix a **bleep** Roku problem!  I'm sick of this dysfunction by Roku and am ready to consider alternatives that work - and I doubt I hear back from Roku with a fix.

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Re: Amazon Prime not working again on Roku

I have mentioned previously in the scams thread, that, just as there are websites to try to scam people entering roku link codes, there are also scam sites that will pop up for entering Amazon link codes.  I believe you hit one of these.

The trick is to put whatever URL you are given into a URL bar (not a search bar) and type the URL exactly and not accept any suggestions or substitutions.  If you go to any search page, or the URL shown doesn't match the domain of the service, then you have done it wrong.

At all these fake sites, they will ALWAYS tell you that something went wrong and you have to call.  Scams apparently work much better over the phone then on the web, and it gives them the opportunity to see what else they might trick you into/how much money they can get.

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