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Amazon Prime channel won't load, can't delete it either

This is exhausting.  I've recycled/rebooted/unplugged everything for the umpteenth time. 

I am trying to access Amazon Prime channel.  I click on it, it hangs for hours, won't progress to anything.  It also happens with The YouTube Channel.  I CANNOT delete either one of these channels (to re-install it) on my tv, and cannot delete it online on the Roku site.  It only happens with one tv.

Based on everyone else who has complained about it, here is my info:

-Roku device model    - 3800X
-serial number             - 5S56A3454936
-software OS/version  - 10.0.0 BUILD 4195-24


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Re: Amazon Prime channel won't load, can't delete it either

You say that it only happens on one TV. Does that mean you have multiple Roku devices? Are those Roku devices tied to the same Roku account? Settings > System > About

If so, can you remove the app from the other Roku (or from one of the other Roku devices on the same account)? If you recall, when you remove an app from one Roku device, it will remove from all devices on the same Roku account. So, remove the app from the other Roku, then restart the problem Roku. I'd suggest restarting all Roku devices.

Note that if you have a Roku TV, you need to restart by:
Settings > System > Power > System Restart > Restart

If it's not a Roku TV, restart by:
Settings > System > System restart

Does the app delete from the problem Roku?

Or, is the app unable to remove from any Roku device? If that's the case, check to ensure you don't have a subscription tied to the app you're trying to remove: 

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