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Amazon Prime UHD Not Working (Streaming Stick+)

3810EU - Roku Streaming Stick+ 8.1.0 • Build 4113-50

UK Based.

I recently noticed I was unable to watch UHD Prime through my Roku.

All other Prime options load fine, but anything UHD just will not load. It will sit loading and eventually give me the option to quit or keep waiting..

I’m pretty sure UHD used to load perfectly fine on the Roku Streaming Stick+ for Amazon Prime UHD content.

Just for clarity - Netflix 4K, and YouTube 4K all work perfectly, there’s execellent Wi-Fi in the house with an 80Mb connection.

Just curious if this is just me or a known issue?

After a long and arduous conversation with Amazon support (all they did was keep unregistering and re-registering the Roku from my Amazon account to no avail) I thought best to ask you all!

Hope you can help
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