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Re: All my Roku channels just suddenly disappeared

"Tajson" wrote:
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Is there an official support forum then where we can get answers from actual Roku employees and/or support personnel?


There are the support pages and a contact us option at:

Edit: Roku removed my line about the phone number and gave me a "Board warning issued" pm, so google roku customer service number.

NO! Don't google for a customer service number. All you'll get are the phony support sites that try to either charge you or ask to connect to your computer. If it's a toll-free number, it's NOT Roku. If they ask for payment, it's NOT Roku. You can find the real Roku support phone number on their web site, but you have to dig through some self-help pages first. Please, don't do an Internet search for support. All you'll find are the scammers. 

I listed the correct phone number and Roku removed it.

Yes, I understand that part. For some reason Roku doesn't want that number listed here in the forum. I was being specific about using a web search for Roku support. That is an almost guaranteed way to get a bad contact number that will connect the user to someone that will try to get them to pay money or permit access to their computer. either way, it's bad. 

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Re: All my Roku channels just suddenly disappeared

I am not sure how to get my questions answered for this thread.  It seems like the forum may not be the place to get this type of question answered.
My original reason I open this question in the forum is that the support website does not seem to be the correct place for my questions either.  If I go to the web site and click on “Contact customer support” it will bring up the following question and 4 possible selections:
          How can we help?
                    Questions before I buy
                    Questions about my account or billing
                    Questions about setup or using my Roku
                    Questions about returning my Roku device or managing my order
The only one that really fit my issues was the 3[sup:dyr2qej6]rd[/sup:dyr2qej6] selection (Questions about setup or using my Roku).  From here it had a question for “Product” with several possible answers.  I selected “Other Roku player” since mine is an older model (Roku 4200X).  Then it asked, “Need help with…” and 10 possible selections:
          Setting up your Roku TV Wireless Speakers
          Setting up your Roku streaming player
          Setting up your Roku TV
          Activating your Roku
          Setting up your remote
          Wireless network setup and reliability
          Solving Roku TV Wireless Speakers issues
          Solving setup issues
          Solving remote issues
          Solving playback issues
None of these selections fit my issue.  Most of these selections involve setup.  My issue was not related to setup but is a technical question of an issue that I experienced.  If this truly is where I need to open a contact, it seems like there should be a selection for “Other” or “Roku issues” or “Device issues” or “Technical question”.

From here I am not sure what to do.
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Re: All my Roku channels just suddenly disappeared

This happened to me just this morning.  I turned on my Roku TV and half of my app tiles were missing and the ones that were left, I was logged out of automatically.  My girlfriend, who was at her parents in another county, had the same exact thing happen last night and we share all the accounts from different services and our TVs were affected in the same exact way.  I don't know what happened, but I would like to know.

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Re: All my Roku channels just suddenly disappeared

Just experienced the same thing. Right about the same time the Roku/ live tv merge was happening. That was great for a day. Now that’s gone too.

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Re: All my Roku channels just suddenly disappeared

Just to let others know, the issue of having numerous channels disappear occured on all three of my Roku devices that share the same account. The remaining channels are now in no particular order on the home screen. Very strange! Will re-add the channels one by one, I guess... 

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