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Additional Fee Charges for CBS All Access

I went to sign up for CBS All Access and details says it may require additional fees.  My question is where do they tell you what the fees will be?  I do not want to add the channel before I know what it will cost me as it may be $0.99 a month or for all I know it could be $29.99 a month.

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Level 18

Re: Additional Fee Charges

I believe what that usually means is some of the content you might choose and play within

the app is Extra. So you need to be careful what you play.

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Level 11

Re: Additional Fee Charges

You have to check out the individual service you're interested in subscribing to.

I'd guess Roku doesn't put pricing on their Channel Store pages because the actual provider could change the price at any time.

For CBS All Access, see:

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Level 21

Re: Additional Fee Charges

For CBS All Access, there's only a single monthly fee. That's all that statement is referring to. There are no in-app purchases possible, so the monthly fee will not change (until CBS decides to raise the rate). They have two plans, one with commercials and one without. Also, you can subscribe on a yearly basis, which gives you roughly two months free compared to the monthly plan. 

As a commercial-free subscriber, I want to throw out a caution. They still do throw some (short) promos within some of their programs. When I complained to CBS, they replied that a number of programs do have these promos. The list they gave me is:

• Prior seasons (S1-4) of Madam Secretary
• Prior seasons (S1-15) of NCIS
• Season 1 of Limitless (no longer on air)
• Current season (S4) of Life in Pieces
• Blood & Treasure (S1)

NCIS is where I noticed them. 

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