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Level 8

Add that is running

I keep seeing a ad that is running on the Roku app about how sick Americans are of President Trump, Roku doesn’t speak for me and many other Americans. Roku app is not the place for political bias, I’m asking that you quit running the ad. Please don’t give me the the **bleep** that the ad helps pay to run the movies, you did just fine before the ad. If need be I will get rid of everything Roku and will encourage others to do so as well.  I would like to be able to watch a movie without having political BS involved. Thanks Bonnie Campbell

Level 18

Re: Add that is running

I agree with you. We should be able to control what

nonsense we are inundated with to some degree, Try,

Settings/Privacy/Advertising .. and play with these settings

Reset ad tracker/identifier

Limit ad tracking

And remember its an election year.....God Help us all

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
Level 8

Re: Add that is running

Thank you, I tried what you said, fingers crossed.

Level 7

Re: Add that is running

Any luck getting rid of the political adds? 

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Level 8

Re: Add that is running

Still get a few, was hoping to get rid of them all, being an election year that’s not going to happen.