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Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time

I have an older Roku streaming device that works fine.  It DOES show the HBO Max app as being 'installed', and I DO have an HBO Max account and I can view that content on my small laptop, but really want to see it on the TV.

Each time I go into Home > Streaming channels > Premium Services > HBO MAX > Add channel, the device gives me the following:

"Channel install failed Could not add HBO Max"

Again, I DO have a legal, paid for and working HBO account, and the Roku box DOES show the HBO Max app.  It just won't add the channel.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time

I'm having the same issue. HBO max works on kindle, and iphone, but keep getting error when I install the Roku's HBO Max app.

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Re: Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time

HBO MAX says it will run on any Roku running Roku software version 9.3 or higher. Check this on yours via Settings > System > About. Some older models can't run current Roku software and stopped updating at version 9.1.
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Re: Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time

So if we have an older Roku model, we aren't able to get the HBO Max channel? I am not going to continue to support a company that makes me get rid of a perfectly functional device only because they make it outdated...

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Re: Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time


I'm in the same boat!  Older Roku, can add everything except HBO Max, even though it shows that it's installed when I look at my online Roku account under subscriptions. 

I'm just trying to limp along with this older Roku before a big move, but you can bet I'm not wasting my $$ on a new Roku - I'd rather just get a Smart TV- at least I won't have to manually add all the apps......

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Re: Add a channel for HBO Max fails every time

I am experiencing the same issue - not able to add HBO Max on my older ROKU2XD. 

My ROKU 2 shows it has the latest updates through SW V9.1.0, build 5006.  HBO Max requires OS 9.3. 

Thus I keep getting the message "Channel install failed" and "Could not add "HBO Max" error".

Looks like I will have to scrap my trusty old ROKU device that otherwise works fine.  I wonder if the hardware in the ROKU 2 is incompatible with/unable to run OS 9.3?

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