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Acorn TV Channel

In early April 2018, Acorn TV replaced their Roku channel with an entirely new App.  I thought the old app was just fine, and find the new one almost completely unusable.  I'm interested in other Acorn TV users reaction to the new app.  Have you had problems?  If so, did you respond to Acorn's survey or contact support?

The problems we are seeing include:

  • It asks us to resume a series with an episode we watched a few weeks ago, rather than the one after the one we most recently finished.

  • Navigation to get to a specific episode is difficult - partially because scrolling through seasons of a series is very slow in the new app.

  • When we finish viewing an episode, the app immediately tries to start the next episode without asking.

  • Poor use of screen real estate on the home page and when trying to locate an episode.  E.G. cutting off the titles of episodes after a few words.
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Re: Acorn TV Channel

Didn't see a reply to this, but I agree with you. The new interface is horrible. The old interface may not have been the latest and greatest out there but it was very usable. Not sure what Acron was thinking with the new interface and why they though this was necessary or an improvement. I've yet to find a way to easily tell what episodes of a series I have watched. This is really annoying on programming with several seasons (as you mentioned). I wish there was some way to go back to the old interface. May give Britbox a try.
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