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Accessing Free TV and Movie Channels

I am unable to access my free tv and movie channels. When I turn on my Roku my home page comes up with all the available movie channels and free tv, however, when selecting free tv or a movie channel like Netflix or Hulu, nothing shows up, e.g. no movies, no free tv selection, just blank squares and screen.  Then I get a message trouble with my network (wireless). So I go into network and check my connections, I get two green check marks, it shows connected with excellent strength. So I try accessing Netflix again but no luck. I try updating software even though it was just updated yesterday and I get an error #003 message. What am I missing?

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Re: Accessing Free TV and Movie Channels

Which Roku device are you using, and how many channels have you installed?  If this is occurring on all installed channels, then try this:

One of the reasons why this issue occurs is because of the Wi-Fi security protocol. If you are using an 'older' protocol, then try changing it to WPA2-PSK (TKIP).

  1. Go to your router’s settings by typing its IP address on a browser. This address is mostly found at the back of the router or is present in its documentation. Most of the time it should be  ‘’.
  2. Once in settings, navigate to Wireless or Security and make sure that the security mode is not set to something other than WPA2-PSK (TKIP).
  3. Try connecting to your Roku.

Check if the  Roku error code 003 issue still occurs.

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