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ABC News app only playing one ad, appears after *every* news video

For the past two weeks on my Roku 4660X, the ABC News app will only play this single ad:

Usually the app will play an ad after every 2 - 4 videos or news segments, but this one is played after every segment, and it is the only ad that will play.

This is bad enough that I had to switch to the NBC news app.

Is this actually supposed to be this way? Or is it a software bug? Or, is it some kind of sabotage (to get people to stop watching the ABC News app)?

I tried:

- Uninstall app
- Run Roku System Update
- Restart Roku
- Re-install app

Had no effect.

Roku Ultra 4660X
I am in the West Michigan area
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Level 10

Re: ABC News app only playing one ad, appears after *every* news video

You do realize ABC is a Disney owned property?

I guess asking here you can see who else has an issue. Raise your hands sort of thing. But really Roku isn't in charge of telling Disney to fix their ABC app and stop advertising the single commercial in the Michigan area. It offends you. Call Disney up to complain and they will see the humor but it won't stop them. They have to subsidize something to make price points attractive. Free is an alluring price point. Free means everything comes with advertisements. Sometimes the same ones over and over endlessly until you have no choice but to switch.

In this case maybe ABC and to a larger extent Disney demands the company turn a profit. Probably from every single division or they slash salaries/budgets or worse yet.. employees in those under performing divisions. So you can see how to stay off the radar of the big dogs at Disney HQ they have to keep playing you commercials even if the same one has to repeatedly get shown. It's just business. You hate it. They hate it. Comcast sort of enjoys it. Comast pays for that enjoyment by subsidize the costs of that ABC channel on Roku. Those advertisement dollars directly influence whether Disney even wants that to exist any longer.

So your better place to complain is call up ABC themselves. Find your local affiliate, call them up on the telephone for an interview, and get them to make a story on how poor ABC Roku app is. See if they care to roust their corporate benefactors. Maybe they will. A story is a story.

But in the end there is a little we can do here on these forums about that problem. Except to note it down on the list.

Disney is a conglomerate approaching Borg proportions and they will assimilate all media eventually. There is a war of media ahead and advertising is the fuel for the war ships. Let the battles begin!
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