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ABC News Live app is an oxymoron

I had hoped to use the ABC News Live Roku app to watch the evening news coverage, specifically, World News Tonight. However, in my experience this app is severely dysfunctional.

The normal broadcast has always come on at 7PM EST weeknights and lasts 30 minutes with commercials. Using the Roku app however, the whole schedule is seemingly off by 3 hours so it doesn't come on until 10PM. When it's on, it plays normally for about 15 minutes (AKA until the first commercial break), but then it switches over to an unrelated scrolling news feature called Data Trends and never returns to the World News Tonight program until the end of the broadcast time slot.

I've brought both of these issues up with ABC's customer service department. The email option has been beyond unhelpful. They made excuse after excuse without committing to looking into the problem on their end. They started by saying perhaps I was out of a service area. I live in the middle of Metro Atlanta, a major US city, not some town out in the country. They suggested that some programs weren't available through the free app option. This is their flagship news program and this was after I explained I was connected via a provider service (ATT&T Uverse) for the app, not the free version. Before anyone asks, I checked my Roku settings to see if it was set on the West coast, it was not; it was set for East Coast. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app; no difference. 

I also tried the live phone service method; they promised to look into it and never followed up. I have no option other than to reach out here for someone to take notice of these issues because evidently ABC does not care. Contrariwise, the NBC equivalent app works perfectly as it's supposed to: the programs start and stop on time and play their complete content. I don't understand why ABC can't measure up with a working app the way their competitor can. That or why they aren't concerned when their customers are trying to help them fix it.

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