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9.3 broke Prime Video

In addition to having broken the time & date, 9.3 seems to have broken Prime Video as well.  Prime video launches, sits on black screen, then displays a window in Japanese with a  .jp url.  Then reverts to a window in English saying there is no internet connection.  Yet other channels are using internet connection just fine.

ID 53-160-193

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Re: 9.3 broke Prime Video

Try removing Prime channel restart Roku and re-install Prime.

Major updates always mess some things up.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: 9.3 broke Prime Video

Nope.  Removed and reinstalled.  Still won't connect.  My Older stick in another room on the same network works fine.  I posted elsewhere that they seem to have buggered up the NTP server too.  Don't know if that could screw with Amazon.  Every network reset sets the clock to 5:53pm April 20 (presumably 12:53gmt).  

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Re: 9.3 broke Prime Video

You can revert to 9.2 via one of the secret menus:

home (5 times) FF (3x) REW (2x)

choosing update software gives you the option to change 9.3 to 9.2

I used it because it broke something in Hulu for me. (* brought up same screen as the down arrow instead of the options menu; only if Hulu screensaver ran first, only on one of two Ultras recently purchased from Roku about a month apart).

Once it reverted to 9.2, update from the normal setup menu shows me up-to-date at 9.2. I assume it will update itself again at some point.

If Roku is interested, the Ultra with the problem had updated to 9.3 earlier, it broke on the 9.3 update to a new build. The Ultra that's not affected updated directly from 9.2 to 9.3 build 4143-46 and remains there. 

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Re: 9.3 broke Prime Video

"You can revert to 9.2 via one of the secret menus:"


THANK YOU!!  I completely forgot about the secret menus.

That fixed Prime Video App (with a reinstall) and the time server issue!

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