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5.1 Netflix Audio on Headphone Jack does not work

Having an issue with Netflix and using the headphone jack for personal listening.  Every Netflix movie or show that shows as having 5.1 Audio does not work on the included JBL headphones or any headphones for that matter.  Netflix programs or shows that do not show as using 5.1 audio works fine with any headphones in the personal headphone jack.

Wondering why this issue only occurs on Netflix?

I have Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN+, and Starz (paid subscriptions) and none of them have this issue.  Here is a link to the exact model TV I own 

I have tried everything to circumvent and or fix this issue but nothing has worked.  It is strange also as when I am trying to use the headphones while Netflix is loading Netflix reloads my program whenever I plug or unplug the headphones from the Roku controller audio jack???  It does not do this with any other App???

Has this issue been reported before because I could not find any other topics concerning this exact problem???  Thanks for any help in advance.

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Level 7

Re: 5.1 Netflix Audio on Headphone Jack does not work

I have experienced the same issue. It took me a minute to figure it out, but any show that has been marked as 5.1 audio will not work with Roku's private listening.  I have the Roku Ultimate for reference.  What is the fix for this issue? How do we set up Roku to handle these audio differences?

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