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2018--Update on hiding or locking channels?

I'm a little confused about why Roku hasn't somehow centralized parental access to the point where there is (optionally) one place to:

1. Hide Channels
2. Enter Channels
3. and force access control to content viewing (G/PG/PG-13/R/UR/TV-14/yadda³...)  (again, at the Roku level.  Some of the channels have this, but it's up to each channel to decide what/how and even if they care).

As for Entering/Hiding, I can physically log out of some channels, and go through the hassle of removing them, but others (such as youtube) might be routinely used and parents might want to hide it's existence until kids are ready.

Good grief, I just looked up and found out that PornHub is available without login requirements.

This feature would necessitate a standardized hook from within the channel "app" programming.  But they already do this to a large extent: They have to program for the Roku API already, no?

Is there a reason that this isn't implemented, or even if it isn't a good idea?

PS.  Don't get me started on the non-unification of fast-forward, etc... Smiley Wink