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low bitrate on all roku cameras

My internet speeds are averaging 475 mbps but all of my roku cameras only show a bitrate of 100kbps and they fluxuate like crazy causing glitchy video and taking a good 10 minutes to download a video clip. They are all well within my routers range but the streaming rates are super low. Is anyone else having these issues? I have run multiple speed tests and even in the about section for each camera it shows full bars for connection. I have 2 outdoor cameras and 3 i door cameras and a wired doorbell. I'm also paying for the yearly subscription of 99.99 per year, but the image quality and functionality of these cameras is not good. 100kbps is not fast enough for quality 1080p video grr

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Re: low bitrate on all roku cameras

Hi @reptem1970,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

We're sorry about this inconvenience, and we certainly want to do our best to assist you with it. Please take note that we have passed your concerns and information to the Support Team, who will follow up to further assist you.

All the best,

Takashi O.
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Re: low bitrate on all roku cameras

My camera does the same thing. I tried customer service nothing. If it can't be addressed then refund my yearly fee and camera purchase. I thought it was just me. I just purchased mine in February. Have you found anything that works? We have 2 gig speed so no reason for it.

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Re: low bitrate on all roku cameras

Nope, no change at all. I even upgraded my bandwidth and bought new Netgear mesh routers. One of the cameras is 10 ft from the main node and unobstructed yet has the same bitrate lol. Another one of my cameras is 3 ft from a node that is hardwired, unobstructed, yet has the same bitrate. The hardware is no good and the cloud service has many issues.


I had a stranger walk all the way up my driveway in plain view of the camera and stand underneath another camera for a minute or so and didn't even get a person notification, but it recorded the motion because I have it set to record all motion events. Notifications are missed all the time and sometimes things aren't recorded at all.


Until they upgrade the antennas to 5 GHz and fix their cloud service these cameras are just toys not security devices. Images and motion activities are extremely glitchy as well because the FPS is very low. 


They are limiting the bitrate, I'm assuming because of their cloud congestion. Without the subscription they are even worse because any bit of motion triggers alerts.




As for customer service, you get the same canned responses and then a response saying it's solved or that they are forwarding the information to one of their technicians, but nothing gets fixed nor can it get fixed until the hardware and their cloud service is updated. Not being  able to remotely access your SD card just adds insult to injury. 


For monitoring things live on a TV they aren't bad, but for everything else they are supposed to do, it's a really big disappointment

from Roku.


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