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Reel Rookie

So does the floodlight camera not record?

I’m checking on here to see if anyone that has the Roku floodlight camera can record to the sd card? Once the 14 day trial ended my recording does not work. It takes a photo🤷🏻‍♀️ But does not record. I was under the impression that the subscription just told you if it was a package, person,  pet or vehicle. And I did not care about that but did want the camera to record to my sd card. I feel miss lead

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

@JuJuB, I think for all of the Roku cameras, without a subscription you don't get any event recordings.  You can schedule recordings, but that's about it.

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

Hi JuuB,

I have been working extensively with Roku engineers, bringing to their attention multiple isues related to the Roku Floodlight Ourdoor Se Camera.

1.  The camera supports a memory card (MicroSD).  The camera WILL record to the MicroSD alongside uploading videos to the cloud. 

Flaw #1: The videos recorded to the MicroSD show an audio stream, but there is NO PLAYABLE audio. Roku has confirmed this problem.

2. Without a subscription to the Cloud Service, events only generate a still image with event notification.

Flaw #2:  If no memory card is present, the camera works perfectly fine (at least my observation) with the Cloud, thereby uploading video files + audio events.  If a memory card is inserted, the camera records VIDEO ONLY (see above issue #1), but the Cloud Services randomly stop working for periods of time.  Thus, the instead of Video Clips, Still Images are uploaded to the cloud at random.

The camera then self corrects and begins uploading video + audio to the cloud until unknown problem is encountered and the still image for events error happens again.

Both of these flaws have been validated by Roku Engineers after I presented this issues to the executives for further investigation.

Their solution at the moment, is we'll try to find the problem and fix.  Unfortunately, the Roku Outdoor Floodlight SE wasn't adequately tested before being launched to the consumer and several major bugs are currently present.

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

(i think) you should still be able to record to the sdcard, BUT you have to put the SDcard into a PC to watch the videos.

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

Let me clarify a bit here.  The camera records to a MicroSD card (continuous or event based) alongside uploading to the cloud.

The issue is that the camera has a flaw where it records video but no audio to the MicroSD card. Playing back the video on a Computer yields no Audio.  Roku has confirmed this to indeed be a general flaw.

The second issue is when a Memory Card (MicroSD) is inserted in the camera, and you are subscribed to the cloud services, the camera randomly stops uploading event videos and instead will for hours send Event "Pictures" / Still Images.  The camera then self corrects and resumes uploading event videos, and the cycle repeats.

I am unsure, and so far Roku is too, what is causing the camera to stop uploading videos to the cloud with a MicroSD card inserted.

They are investing both issues.

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

Hi Community users,

Thanks for the posts.

Please be aware that the appropriate Roku team is currently investigating the issue. Once more information is available, I'll be sure to update this Community thread.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?

Hello @RokuDanny-R 

You're correct, this is now being investigated after I supplied Roku with detailed feedback and the engineering team successfully replicated these faults.

At present, these issues remain outstanding. In the sake of transparency, and since this is a new product with minimal online presence, I felt it only fair to make potential consumers aware of the current issues.

Ideally, these issues are software and not hardware based, permitting  Roku to release a firmware update.  However, the last update I got from the executive office is these problems are being troubleshooted.troubleshooter.

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Re: So does the floodlight camera not record?


That is not an accurate statement.

1. With Subscription - Events are triggered and these events with Audio + Video are uploaded to the cloud.

2. The cloud services aren't working as described, and even with an active subscription, the camera enters a loopback period where at random only still images get uploaded.

3. The camera records to the SD card no matter if you have an active cloud subscription or not.

4. Right now, the SD card only records video. Even though it advertises Video + Audio, there is no audio to recordings.  Both Roku and myself have confirmed this issue.

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