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Cannot Select "Next" when setting up my wired outdoor camera

I'm trying to set up my new Outdoor Wired Camera SE and I've downloaded the Roku smart home app and started the steps to set up the camera. I plugged the camera in and waited until the light was flashing red then I pressed the setup button on the bottom of the camera and heard the voice say "ready to connect". When I get to the select a network part, I choose my network and put in my password but the next button is still grey and I'm unable to click next or advance forward in the process. It's just stuck at select network even though I've filled out all the information it won't let me continue. I've looked this up and it seems like nobody else is having this issue. I've tried to rest my router, delete the app, reset my phone, change my network name, and moved right next to the router to get a stronger single, but nothing works. I don't know what else to do and at this point, I've wasted about $80 on cameras that don't work. Thanks for all the help. 

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Re: Cannot Select "Next" when setting up my wired outdoor camera


Have you verified that your 2.4ghz band of your network is on?  These cameras need to operate on the 2.4ghz band.

I think part of the issue may be Smart Home app related as I have noticed that my 5ghz band is displayed in the "network name" section on the app during some camera setups and I have to change it to my 2.4ghz band.

Of note, on my Android, the "Next" button is not greyed out before I enter this info.  As soon as the network screen appears, it is already highlighted purple (able to proceed with empty fields).  The only grey box for me is in the previous screen where it instructs to press the Setup button on the camera.


If you are using a network that uses the same name for both your 2.4ghz connection and 5ghz connection, try giving them seperate names and verify that other devices in your home can connect to the 2.4ghz band.  Alternatively, try disabling the 5ghz band during the camera setup so that only the 2.4ghz will be available during setup.

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Re: Cannot Select "Next" when setting up my wired outdoor camera

myproblem is network times out when trying to configure settings    i get 2 out if 3 bars of signalk  to camera   but  claims  network nit stable cant relocate router any closere

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