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Important Request to Update Your Roku Forums Account Information

Hi everyone,

We have some exciting news to share!

In the coming week, we’ll be updating our Roku Forums with a new look and feel. The Roku Community will feature more robust functionality to enhance your support experience. Customers will be able to access the Roku Community using their existing Roku User Account, without requiring new account registration.

Please make sure your Roku Forums account email address matches the one used on your Roku User Account. To view your current Roku User Account email address, visit Settings>System>About on any of your Roku devices. To update your Roku Forums account email address, log into your account at (see instructions below).

If your Roku Forums account is not updated in the next week, you will not be able to access any of your previous activity from the Roku Forums. When you try to post in the newly updated Roku Community, you will instead be asked to sign in using your Roku User Account. 

If the email address in use on your Roku Forums account already matches your Roku User Account email address, no action is required.

Happy Streaming!

Instructions - Updating Your Roku Forums User Account

Please follow the steps below to update your Roku Forums account information, such as your email address. 

1. Log into your account at   
2. Click your user avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and select 'User Control Panel'.
3. Click the 'Profile' tab. 
4. Click 'Edit account settings' from the options in the left-hand menu. 
5. Enter your Roku User Account email address, and your Roku Forums account password in the 'Current password' field. 
6. Click 'Submit'. 

Once you've submitted a change, you will be required to click the verification link sent to your newly updated email address, in order to reactivate your Forums account. 

[If you need any additional help, please send a private message to RokuDanny-R or RokuTannerD on our Roku Community team.]