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question if Roku works in EU

hi my friends,

I live in the Netherlands and recently was additive to some American TV channels such as ID- Investigation and Discover. I found Roku gave the access to watching TV shows in the united states.  I would like to buy Roku from Amazon UK. Is it possible for me to use Roku in the NL for watching American TV shows? Does anyone know how it works? Thanks
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Re: question if Roku works in EU

the Roku unit may work. however to get the channels you want you will need access to the US channel store/roku Apps to install them to the Roku unit.
 these are region specific and a roku set in the the Netherlands will not get the US channel store, or even the UK channel store.
 There are workarounds, but they are not straightforward and discussion of these is not allowed on here.
 You would be better at looking into what TV shows you want to watch, and what is available on Dutch streaming services and on what hardware - i dont think Roku is a viable solution for you as its region locked
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Re: question if Roku works in EU

While Roku works in the EU, the content you're after probably isn't available there.

The channels (apps) in question aren't stand-alone, but work when authenticated against a cable, satellite, or streaming service subscription. For streaming those channels, you'd need to have them as part of such a package.

I believe they are US-based only. That is, the streaming services that include them are all for US-based customers.

The US streaming services that carry those, Philo, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now, aren't available outside the US.

There is content in the UK, for instance, that we can't get in the US. Roku simply is an easy way to get the stuff that you are legally able to watch. It won't help you get around legal restrictions or other restrictions set by the content owners.
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