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ordered Premier - So saddened by this

I tried, I really did..  I ordered a roku Premier a month ago, from the roku site, never got a confirmation email, and didn't get it two weeks later.. I went in search of the confirmation email and never found it for this roku, I did find the confirmation email for my Stick+ that I ordered last year, and got that roku within a week of ordering it.. I decided I wanted another premier, I loved that thing, and it still worked (two years on, kinda a rarity in cheap electronics) but I am, or was a roku fan.. LOVED their devices and delivery of programming.. why am I saddened?? this past November 22 I ordered the roku premier and it never came.. When it never came I thought I screwed up the order, I went ahead and ordered one from and it got here two days later, emberassingly fast delivery..    SO I hook it up and everything is great.. I get my credit card bill and the other roku (the one I ordered from roku) was on there.. They Got the order.. Well someone screwed up (turns out it was me, NEVER ORDER FROM ROKU)..  tried to contact them and you can contact them through IM which I did.. they had no clue and it started to show instantly when I tried to get things figured out, they sent me all over the place, I got back to John (the original guy) and I told him I appologized for this situation but I knew I wasn't going to get the premier roku I had ordered from them, so I told him however that the drawback was they would be losing all of my business.. just the way it goes.. that includes all of the programming I was getting from them now and in the future. that may not be much but it was growing..    I knew I wasn't going to be getting the roku I ordered from them but ..  they won't have to worry about it anymore..  I won't ever buy from them or any other company owned site.. Roku screwed up getting my business from fire tv as well, I just won't trust anyone anymore.. costs too much.. I will only buy at a brick and mortar store.. that likely means walmart or walmart dot com...Long story.. shoulda told you to bring popcorn..  

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Re: So saddened by this

I'll always take a retailer over a manufacturer that dabbles in retail.  Did they refund your money?  If not, dispute the charge.  Unless they can provide tracking that ends up at your address, you'll win. 

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