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Why is so difficult to get out of the beta program!

I have beta tested a lot of different software and firmware over the years but nothing has been like the Roku experience. First off why even allow beta testers from regions where your testing channels are not even available? Impossible to do the required testing. Second, why not allow the user to opt out of the beta program? I have been trying to get out of the program for months but I keep getting beta firmware pushed to my device, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, still getting them. I don't even have access to the Centercode site anymore but yet I keep getting beta updates. I'm PMed Shawn multiple times but never get a response. This has been going on since August and I continue to get system breaking updates every few weeks. I don't want to be in the program, I can't uses the testing channel, I can't access the Centercode page, just please give me a way to go back to the Production firmware!

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Re: Why is so difficult to get out of the beta program!

When I gave my grand-daughter my older Roku 4, I just removed it from my devices on the beta web site, and then did a factory reset on the 4. Hasn't received any beta builds since. Can you still log into the beta site? If not, you'll have to get a Roku admin to hopefully connect you with the beta people, as none of them are ever on here. 
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