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Weather Widget Lifetime App Charge

Roku just charged me 10.85 for the Weather Widget Lifetime app.  I have never downloaded the app, I never purchased the app, I never gave permission for the app, I can't even find it in their store.  I have been going back and forth with their support folks and they are basically telling me there are no refunds whatsoever regardless of the situation.  In this case it seems to be a fraudulent charge, but they could care less.  Has anyone heard of this or has been charged for this?  Were you able to have them reverse the charge?

Roku makes it seem that they could care less if a fraudulent charge was put on a customer account.

I have seen their support community replies and they are ALWAYS like this:

**Thanks for the inquiry.

For account and billing related issues, please reach out to our support team directly here for your 'Account or billing' issue, here: They will be able further assist you.**

This does not help and they are not helpful with their support team.

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