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TCL Roku TV has odd name I did not choose?

We just purchased a brand new TCL Roku TV from Walmart last week. When we are on the Settings>About screen, below the settings gear, it has a name "aby y amor" and then my email address. We have no idea where this name came from. Also when I open the Roku app it says "aby y amor" connected. I have changed the device name to "Living Room", which shows up nowhere on our TV screen. I have no idea where this aby y amor came from, what it means, why it's there or how to change it. When we first set up the TV, every thing was in Spanish, so we did a factory reset. As far as we know this TV was brand new (everything was sealed and unopened, but now I am wondering if someone else had it, set it up and brought it back - BUT wouldn't the factory reset fix that anyway?) Can someone please help? Thanks in advance! 
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