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Support Ticket Location?


  I've opened up a Support Ticket and have had Roku Support update the ticket

a couple times now.  I'm notified in an email of the updates. I can't seem to find

where these tickets are located.  Could someone please tell me where to access

the tickets?


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Re: Support Ticket Location?

I've came here looking for exactly the same information - so glad it isn't just me. 

Kind of disappointed that the first response from Roku was an email apologising for the time taken to respond and just asked if I still needed help. 

I replied to that email, and now have another email telling me they have replied but giving no clue as to how to actually find their reply.

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Re: Support Ticket Location?

If I wasn't experiencing this I wouldn't actually believe it. 

I emailed a fairly straightforward question to Roku "Support" and they reply telling me they have updated the ticket.

I reply explaining I can't find the ticket to read what they are telling me. 

So they reply again, saying they have updated the ticket I can't find or read. 

I ask them to tell me where this answer can be found, and they email again telling me they have updated the ticket.

And repeat as often as you like so I replied saying I give up, can't make any progress so just forget it and close the ticket.

But now I get an email every day telling me the ticket has been updated - I still don't know what they are telling me, really don't care any more and just want the emails to stop!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Support Ticket Location?

Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out! I spoke to our support team and it looks like they followed up to each of your inquiries to let you know that your model of Roku device is not supported by the Apple TV channel. It looks like we received multiple responses from you, and continued replying to answer each of your inquiries. Apologies for any disconnect here—we'll go ahead and close out your case. 

In order to use the Apple TV channel, you'll need a supported model of Roku device. You can see which models are supported here:





Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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