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I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+ at Sam's Club this December. It came with a Sling Promotion, a $25 credit in the form of a Promo Code # included on a flyer inside the box. It was a special offer only for specially labeled Roku players purchased from Sam's Club, Costco, and BJs from April 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020.

This offer is available to new or existing Sling TV customers.

1. I already have a Roku account, so I added this Streaming Stick+ to that. As I followed the instructions to set up the new Roku, I ignored the prompts to select interests, and all of the free trial options, including one for Sling. Then Roku proceeded to add all of the 200 channels that I have already tied to my Roku account to that new Stick. That took about 20 minutes for them all to be added.

2. Then I went to the Sling webpage on my laptop. I selected that I already had a Sling account. But that account has been inactive since Jan. of 2019. When I entered the Promo Code for the $25, I got this response:

"This code is invalid, or your account is ineligible for this offer."

3. I contacted Sling C/S and got the issue resolved.

Here's How:

1. I first went to the C/S area on the Sling website and was assigned a 6 digit code.

2. Then I called the Sling C/S number, and selected I already had a Sling account, and gave the Sling rep that number. (If you select that you don't have Sling account, you will go to Sales instead).

3. The Sling rep had me update my inactive Sling Account with a current Credit Card #.

4. After that I tried the Promo Code and it still didn't work.

5. The Sling rep put me on a 7 Day free trial, to give their Billing Dept. time to correct the issue.

6. I received an email from the Sling Customer Resolutions Team, asking me to email them back with a picture of the Coupon, the Sling plan I wanted, and my physical address, which I did.

7. The next day I received an email that said they applied the offer and the $25 credit would be applied at the end of the 7 day free trial that the rep had put me on.


Is there a glitch in this process, or did I do something out of order, or wrong initially??
I do not know. I followed the instructions as best I could. Maybe the glitch in my case was that I was not a new Sling customer, or an "active" Sling Customer.

Anyway, problem resolved, and this Cord Cutter will be watching College Bowl games and the Championship run when it's on ESPN in the next month, for Free.

Nice! Smiley Very Happy


2018 Ultra 4660
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Where did you find the promo code in the paperwork I have looked all through my box and I don't see anything there. It was on the outside packaging and it says it's good through December 2020. I don't know where to look for the promo code.

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