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Roku Update security issues

We had cancelled our Sling account the end of last year, however they just charged my credit card for monthly service. When I contacted them I was advised:

"There's an ongoing issue with the Roku devices due to the recent update that they had with their software which allows customer's accounts to reactivate automatically..."

So I can't help but wonder just how many charges I'm going to see on my card for various accounts, and WHY was I not notified about this issue ???

This is a serious breach of fiduciary responsibility

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Re: Roku Update security issues

I spoke with CS tonight about your issue.  We're not aware of this issue, but would like to investigate.

I sent you a PM on the forums asking for some further information.  In addition to the information requested in that PM, we'd like to get your Serial Number as well.

Thank you.
C. Shawn Smith
Community Liaison

The Cosmos is all that is, and all that was, and ever will be. -- Carl Sagan
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Re: Roku Update security issues

I had Sling TV orange for 1 month around Jan 1, 2018 for college football Bowl Games (ESPN), then cancelled subscription. Had Sling TV blue during February 2018 for the Winter Olympics (NBCSN), then cancelled subscription. I currently don't have a Sling TV subscription; but have signed up maybe 8 times to Sling TV since the service started (1 month each time), and have never had Sling TV re-activate itself or charge my credit card without my consent.
My last Sling TV subscription was Blue 2/10/18 to 3/9/18. Checked my online banking on April 22, 2018; and about once per week and never see any Sling TV/Roku ERROR CHARGES.
I have Netflix all year; so occasionally use Sling TV for bowl games, Olympics, etc. I use a Premiere+ and Roku 2 (4210) for Netflix & Sling TV.
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