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Offer secretly withdrawn while chatting with CS

I think this is about the worst thing that has ever happened to me with Coustomer Service.  As an amazon prime member I too got the email about the inability of amazon to keep up with all of the technological changes and make all Roku units backward compatible and here's an offer.  I followed the link and found a offer that might have been able to stream amazon prime but only in HD.  Hadn't been to my account for a while so took a look.  There under the button Upgrades I found an offer.  It was specific to my old model and provide the model number for the upgrade.  I check the details and then click Add Offer.  Click to go to checkout.  Told my cart is empty.  Try a couple of more times and the same thing.  I sign out, close my email and sign in directly to Roku.  Same result.  Different Browser, same result.  So I call Customer support.  Maybe 15 minutes to speak to someone.  Over the next ½ hour I explain the above several times.  I was put on hold several times.  And at least three times I explained that I was not calling about the amazon offer.  That I was calling about the offer directly to me by Roku in my account.  Well let's try Chrome.  Which I do not have.  So while I am waiting for the download and install Customer Services says good night and call if that doesn't work. It doesn't.  Today I decided to try chat.  Pretty much the same process.  After reciting the offer almost word for word, I was asked to wait several times.  Then I was asked to send the email with the offer, there wasn't any.  Then I was asked to send a screen shot.  Said I would try.  Don't do that often so took a few times to find the info on how to do screen shots.  I do and go to my account.  I open the Upgrades folder and the Offer is gone.  As if it never existed.  No mention of my Roku 1, the model number or the specific model offered as the upgrade.  In the process trying to taking the screen shot I had to sign in again and lost the chat.  Unable to find any contact info other that phone or chat, I decided to check here before hitting Facebook and instagram to see if similar issues existed.  This is a lot of time and effort by Roku requiring me to spend time and effort.  All over a $20 discount.  That they offered me.  And now I've spent more time and effort on this rant.  I did have the feeling during both the phone call and the chat that the goal was get me to quit and go away.  So now I will.

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Re: Offer secretly withdrawn while chatting with CS

Try both/either of these links - the first is relative to your current models, the second is the special $10 Prime offer:

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