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Level 7

I’m being charged for something I do not have

As I was checking my bank statements I seen I have been being charged by roku for Hulu, starz, and something called mucho mov. These charges have been made since December 2020 but I do not have any subscriptions to these things, I have checked my account and it says I do not have any card information on my account and those purchases do not show up on my payment history so I do not understand how and why my card is being charged. I want a refund on these things I never authorized these purchases.

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Level 18

Re: I’m being charged for something I do not have

Well you need to log out of the Channels and remove it from the device.

Its between you and those Channels. I would write it off. Cuz you probably

have teens around and whatever.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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