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I got charge for a app i didnt want

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Subscription purchased on accident

My toddler purchased ESPN+ on accident. We did not put in a code to confirm the subscription and we were immediately charged. Can we be reimbursed for this, we canceled within 30 minutes of realizing and it’s clear we never watched it. 

Also how do you set up settings so you have to confirm with a code or password prior to purchasing? 

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Re: Subscription purchased on accident

@Boops wrote:

Also how do you set up settings so you have to confirm with a code or password prior to purchasing? 

You can log onto your account on, go to, and set (or change) a PIN. You can also choose from several options as to what actions will require the entry of the PIN.

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Re: I got charge for a app i didnt wanna i want the money back in my account

I have the same problem I order and cancelled the same day during 7 days free trial, and 7 days later , I got a charge on my credit card , from FUBO TV , the add didn’t work in Canadá, i have proof of buy and cancelling a few minutes later, on the same day.

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Roku's Payment Request Declined


I have long subscribed to various channels on Roku and used a prepaid Visa to pay for them. But suddenly, Roku has informed me that "the bank associated with your credit card declined Roku's payment request". Although the former prepaid card was still valid and had enough money on it for the payment, I have already updated the payment info with a brand new prepaid card, and I have received the same message from Roku.

Has Roku suddenly stopped accepting prepaid cards? That would be strange, perhaps there is some other issue here?



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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: I got charge for a app i didnt want

@Misscav03 @Boops @Fabivgg @sheridanp 

Thanks for the inquiry.

For billing related issues, please reach out to our support team directly here for your 'Account or billing' issue, and select 'managing your order': They will be able further assist you.


Danny R.
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Re: I got charge for a app i didnt want

Just wanted to throw my experience on here. I have a PIN set up, have for years, I also have an old card with outdated information set up on my account so charges can't go through.
I was looking at screensavers on my Roku today. I downloaded a free one, I didn't love it so I decided to try another. It was marked as (free). I hit download and while it was downloading I received a text message from my credit card telling me of my new purchase from Roku so I stopped the download.
I emailed Roku support to tell them their system charged me for a free app. I was told:
We understand you have been charged for something that was supposed to be free, set up a PIN, all sales are final.

"Hello Michael,

Good day! Thank you for contacting Roku customer support.

I understand from your message that you have a charge on a subscription that suppose to be free. Our system indicates that you purchased Fireplace Screensaver on 12/05/20. All content purchases and subscriptions purchased are prepaid, final and non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the content and service provider's credit and refund policy.

To avoid unauthorized charges in the future, you may set up a PIN following the steps on the link below: (How do I create or update the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for my Roku account?)

Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to assist you and thank you for choosing Roku.


Roku Customer Support"

This is probably the worst Customer Service response I have ever read. Just thought it was worth sharing.

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