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Hulu account hacked $80+ dollars and no help in sight

I paid for my Hulu account through Roku on my PayPal account.  When I purchased a Roku TV and begin the steps for setting up each channel I subscribed to - my Hulu account did not recognize my email nor my information - THEY DID HOWEVER - still have my PayPal payment method????  I worked with a Hulu agent and it was determined that we had to close the account and open a new one.  Hulu had notified me of an email change but I wrote back immediately that it was not my email.  Evidently it doesn't work that way and in reaching out to both Roku and PayPal they have denied my claim of over $116.00 as it turns out from unauthorized charges.  When I set up my NEW account I used a debit card - but with NO SUPPORT from either PayPal Roku or Hulu I was reticent to use a bank card.  Does anyone know how to help fix this issue?  Is there any recourse????  When I try to go directly to Hulu this is the message I am receiving:

"We can't log you in. Check for an invalid assertion in the SAML Assertion Validator (available in Single Sign-On Settings) or check the login history for failed logins."

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