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Hulu Subscription Explanation - Poor Customer Service Experience

Poor customer service. This is the first time I have had to reach out to Roku customer service in 7 years. I used online chat. Not sure if there is a better way to route my complaint. My issue was that I was trying to change my payment method for my Hulu subscription. I had been in contact with Hulu and could not change it there because it is billed through Roku. When I logged into my Roku account there was no indication that I had a Hulu subscription. I reached out to the agent. She did not do a very good job explaining to me that the subscription will not appear under "Roku Subscriptions" but would appear in the purchase history. I was confused about how I could be paying for something but the product was not there. I didn't want to change my payment method not knowing if I was actually changing it for the correct thing. I don't think the agent understood my concern.  She did tell me that Roku only billed for Hulu but I didn't understand why that would affect my account not showing the product I purchased. This was a 40 minute customer service call that could have been explained a lot better. 


(06:39:47 PM) Mamie Johnson: Hi...ok...I have a Hulu subscription. I logged in to my Hulu account to change the payment method but that system says that my bill is paid through Roku. I logged in to my Roku account but that doesn't show that I ever had a Hulu subscription? Thanks!!!
(06:41:05 PM) *** Charlotte joined the chat ***
(06:41:24 PM) Charlotte: Hi thank you for reaching Roku Support
(06:41:39 PM) Mamie Johnson: Hi Charlotte
(06:43:16 PM) Charlotte: Do you have Roku Account ?
(06:43:29 PM) Mamie Johnson: Yes the email is
(06:43:35 PM) Mamie Johnson********
(06:44:48 PM) Charlotte: But with regards to your payment is it already okay ?
(06:45:17 PM) Mamie Johnson: Yes...the payment has come out of my account every month. I just need to change the method of payment
(06:46:18 PM) Charlotte: Do you want to change your card on file ?
(06:47:15 PM) Mamie Johnson: Yes but I would like to assure that I am changing the method for my Hulu subscription. Right now my account shows no current subscriptions and 3 past subscriptions. None of which were Hulu
(06:48:36 PM) Charlotte: Because Roku is only assigned by Hulu to collect the payment but we are not the one that handles the subscription. For on-hold account, refund requests, cancellation and other subscription issues, they are requiring you to contact their special department that handles subscription made through Roku on this number: HULU RPM Number - (888) 919-4858.
(06:50:16 PM) Mamie Johnson: I have been in contact with Hulu. I have no payment method listed on my account and the only thing they see is that my subscription is paid through Roku and they sent me to yall
(06:51:17 PM) Charlotte: Do you want to be billed by Hulu not Roku ? You can't see that from our end because we are only assigned to collect payments.
(06:52:29 PM) Mamie Johnson: It doesn't matter who it is billed through for me personally...just that I change the payment method
(06:54:48 PM) Charlotte: If that's the case please sign in through > go to payment information and update it.
(06:55:54 PM) Mamie Johnson: I did that my issue is that my account does not show the Hulu subscription. I would like to locate where the subscription is
(06:57:08 PM) Charlotte: that is on Hulu.
(06:57:27 PM) Charlotte: because we are only allowed to bill them.
(06:57:34 PM) Mamie Johnson: isn't. I very specifically said that Hulu is showing my payment is made through Roku
(06:59:49 PM) Charlotte: Yes because they assigned us to collect payments.
(07:00:54 PM) Mamie Johnson: OK so therefore Roku should have my payment method on file? Roku should show something somewhere on my account that I have a Hulu subscription?
(07:02:16 PM) Mamie Johnson: But my account doesn't show anything about Hulu and I can't change my payment method there. There is no method on file to change. There system will not even allow the agent to input anything into payment fields because it is billed through Roku
(07:06:04 PM) Mamie Johnson: Is there some reason Roku would be billing for the subscription but the subscription does not show on the account?
(07:07:56 PM) Charlotte: Yes we have that In Hulu Sling and Netflix
(07:08:31 PM) Charlotte: we are only allowed to bill the customer but the subscription it self you have to reach directly from them.
(07:09:34 PM) Mamie Johnson: Is there anyway to verify that when I change the payment method that it will change for the Hulu subscription? I understand that. it's just not comforting to change a payment method for something I don't even see.
(07:10:01 PM) Charlotte: What does Hulu say ?
(07:12:04 PM) Mamie Johnson: Just that my subscription is billed through Roku and that I have to change my payment method with y'all. I understand that...but it's like purchasing something blind. I'm changing my payment method on my Roku account but there is nothing on that account that even shows I have a Hulu subcription. It seems there should be something somewhere that says when Roku bills you $12-13 every month what that is for.
(07:13:29 PM) Charlotte: HULU.COM/BILL************:3:6 that is the only thing that I see for $12.69
(07:14:09 PM) Mamie Johnson: Is that coming from my account? the*********** ?
(07:14:48 PM) Charlotte: Yes **********
(07:16:01 PM) Mamie Johnson: Ok....that's all I needed. Just to verify that I was changing the method where it would affect the Hulu subscription and that the subscription wasn't lost somewhere. Thank you
(07:17:39 PM) Charlotte: Yes
(07:17:48 PM) Charlotte: Is there anything else that I can help you with for today?
(07:17:58 PM) Mamie Johnson: No mam...thank you
(07:18:15 PM) Charlotte: Again thank you for reaching Roku you have a great day! Happy holidays
(07:18:56 PM) Charlotte: By the way I will now closed this ticket as solved and if you still need assistance please do not hesitate to reach us again.
(07:19:01 PM) Charlotte: Bye for now.
(07:19:13 PM) *** Charlotte left the chat ***

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Re: Hulu Subscription Explanation - Poor Customer Service Experience

how did you get a chat going

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