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How to get Roku promotion emails

For as long as I have had a Roku (3+ years) and a registered account I do not receive promotion and other emails from Roku.  Once again I am missing out on a promotion email being sent.  I have contacted Roku about this numerous times, through social media, through phone calls, through email and despite them saying they will look into it and assign to a special department they can not fix the issue. I have changed the email associated with  my account, it made no difference.  Yes, I am "subscribed" on the Roku website but that hasn't made a difference either.

Most companies want to send you email, Roku apparently doesn't and I am tired of hearing other Roku owners talk about the free promotions they receive when I don't.  Is there anyone here from Roku who can help?  It is is extremely ridiculous that a simple thing like subscribing to promotion emails can't be properly done.
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