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Getting upset

Why am I being charged for roku cbs and cbs all access I've been charged for 2 months for both of them I thought roku was free 

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Re: Getting upset

Roku is sold in stores. It's not free. Once you buy one (or are gifted one, where someone else bought it) then there are no additional fees for Roku.

Roku is used to access services via applications. Some of those services are free, and some are not. Let's look at three, for example.

Netflix is a service and charges for their content. Netflix isn't free. You can pay Netflix directly, or you can pay Netflix through Roku billing. 

Hulu is a service and charges for their content. Hulu isn't free. You can pay Hulu directly, or you can pay Hulu through Roku billing.

CBS All Access (that's the old name, it's now Paramount Plus as of March 4) is a service and charges for their content. You can pay CBS/Paramount directly, or you can pay CBS/Paramount through Roku billing.

It appears you, or someone using one of your Roku devices, added and subscribed to CBS All Access. Roku is billing your for that. If you don't want it, cancel.

Here's a tip: go to and log in to your account. Near the top is a "PIN Preference" selection. You can add a PIN there that will prevent purchases (to include subscriptions) from being added unless the PIN is entered. That will keep other users (family members, etc) from subscribing without the PIN. It will also serve as a reminder and warning when you are about to do something that will cost you money.

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