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FedEx sux

I ordered a Roku subwoofer on Nov 27th.  It shipped via FedEx from Milpitas, CA and arrived at a terminal in Edgerton, KS (about 40 miles from my house) on Thursday, Dec 3rd.  On Friday, it had progressed to Olathe KS (about 10 miles from my house).  Saturday, I called FedEx and asked them why they put it on a horse for this last segment and when would it be delivered.  They said they had already filled the delivery van when it arrived in Olathe, so it wasn't delivered on Saturday and don't deliver to homes on Sun or Mon, so it should arrive on Tuesday.

Can you believe this?  I will not choose FEDEX for shipping in the future, and if Roku doesn't provide a choice of shipping vendors, I will not buy from the Roku store again.

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