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FandangoNOW movie bundle not added

I bought the 14 movie land before time bundle through the roku ultra and was surprised that it is not even available for my watching it's normally $74.99 but I bought it on FandangoNOW through the roku ultra on sale for $34.99.

Already logged out of my FandangoNOW account and back in still lacks the content....not even listed in the purchases of content.


i also told them do NOT well my information and submitted to FandangoNOW and confirmed it through the email...don't know if this could mess up the content being added.


why are the newest version of the roku ultra lacking a FandangoNOW channel like going backwards to the movie and tv store on the side of the apps?! Sure you're able to scroll down or up and the movies are counted but those features could be useful in the channel store which is just like the most up to date FandangoNOW app which allows you t to buy uhd content on the app while the older store only have hd,sd

you may as well add the FandangoNOW app which is only on a certain roku ultra back to the app store and give it features of the side store while you can purchase uhd digital at the same time in the channel app.

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Level 9

Re: FandangoNOW movie bundle not added

Should be sell my information not well.


The FandangoNOW store on your roku ultra and whether or not it's the same side store or an actual channel store like vudu is just mentioned because it seemed strange that FandangoNOW finally got a roku channel and then back to the side store on the next ROKU players ,ultra-next ultra!

why not include the best parts of the side store and put it in the channel which is the most up to date FandangoNOW app where you can purchase uhd digital back on the original side store you're limited to either be or sd.


Still don't have any idea where the content is I checked with my bank and the $37 $2 ish tax was taken out and still no movies.

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Re: FandangoNOW movie bundle not added

What determines if the Fandango Now app will appear along the left side or as regular app is where you purchase it. A Roku bought at Walmart will have the app as regular app like vudu, Walmart is not going to sell a device with competitor prominently displayed. So it is moved to place with other competitors.

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