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I have been trying all morning to resolve an issue with double billing. Basically, find out that I logged into another roku in my house signed into subscribed channel and now both my card and my husbands getting charged. Sent screen shots to chat per request, call support and they won’t refund my husbands card for a bill they charged my husband. Have had roku products for over ten years and have never been so disappointed with their customer support! They say a supervisor will call me back in two hours, so we will see. 

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How many Roku accounts do you have?

On each Roku device, go to Settings > System > About

There should be an email address shown. Is it the same on all devices? If not, you may want to consider if you want them to be the same or not. And, which email address.

If the devices all have the same email address showing, then we can rule that out as contributing to the confusion.

Next, going to and clicking on Manage your subscriptions do you see multiple subscriptions for the same service?

Getting all this type of information together will be helpful for Roku to help resolve your problem.

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