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Charged for NFL thinking it had a "free trial".

I am new to Roku and still learning. However, this experience has me puzzled ?  Are we charged for programs that are aired free on regular TV?  Most of the programs selections give you "free trials" with a designated date for charges to start. However, I saw the NFL pass was billed to my account immediately. Therefore, I cancelled it on the TV screen and went to another room in my home and watched it on my regular TV for free.  Unable to delete it from purchase list. 

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Re: Charged for NFL thinking it had a "free trial".

@southernwoman69 wrote:

Are we charged for programs that are aired free on regular TV? 

That's a really complicated question.  Starting with: what is regular TV these days?  For example, your local ABC station is free over an antenna.  But the same channel will charge your local cable company if you want to watch it over a wire instead. So if you are on cable, and you log into an ABC app using your cable company login (which proves you are already paying through your cable system) then you can watch on Roku at no additional charge. If you don't have cable? well, the network MIGHT have an app on Roku that lets you pay them directly (such as CBS All Access) or you might need to find a "cable-like" streaming package such as Sling TV.

Some streaming packages may have free-trials or introductory rates. Some do not.  You can make an account with them, or you can pay through Roku.  Some may be available in many ways, some in one way.

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Re: Charged for NFL thinking it had a "free trial".

Thanks for you reply.  We are located in an area where ABC,CBS and NBC are our primary channels.  We also have cable.   We thought the NFL Game Pass was a subscription with a free trial but when we got a code to activate and then got a bill within short period of time, it was cancelled on the screen.  I went online to insure it was deactivated but couldn't find it as a subscription but only the bill indicating purchased.   I want to make sure this is "CANCELLED".  

Like I expressed earlier, we are still learning but this was definitely an error when the game was being aired in our area at not cost. 

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