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Charged $226 for 5roku

I got a Roku for Christmas the pin number wouldnt go in  so called the number on the screen they told me everything changed in 2019 snd they now charged do they took my info for $169 for life i could have 250 channel so i calledcback today they redid  my tvbut only gave 49 channels i proteste so he said he would give 250 plus channel it turned off on me said i was a guest snd woukd need to add a virus wall in my tvgor a extra $149 .I hung up.It was next question is can i stilluses my toku stick after all this how i put it in without paying for it!! 

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Re: Charged $226 for 5roku

Dude, your were scammed.  Call them back and ask for your money back. That number on the "screen" (your phone/tablet/computer screen) was for a scam artist's website.

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Re: Charged $226 for 5roku

Every one of the charges you mention is a scam - Roku has no such charges.    The scammers have your payment info and can use it at will.  Dispute these charges with the financial institution through which these charges were made right away and close down the account being charged to prevent further bogus charges.

On your Roku, Settings > System > About will show you the email address associated with the Roku account to which your Roku is linked. 

  • If this is your email, try to log into your account at Since this is your email address you should be able to use the password recovery option if necessary.  Once logged in you can change your password and payment method. 
  • If this is not your email then the scammer has set you up with an account that he controls, not you.  You can't do much about that, but you can do a factory reset on your Roku to clear this information from the Roku's memory then set it back up from scratch, linking to a Roku account you create with your own email address.   Roku is now using a couple of registration/linking methods.  If the process tells you to go to, type it in extremely carefully.  If you end up at ANY site (the address it forwards to is okay), or if you're then told to go to a different website or to call a phone number, you've reached a scam site so back out immediately and start over.



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