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Changing Email

Anyone from Roku here?

Since talking to Humans is forbidden.

My email is dead and I need to change it.

I go to my account and put in the new email and verify it, then put in

my password to complete the process and save my new email.

But, I can't do that because my password (The one I used to get in to my account)

isn't a valid password, it only has 7 letters, and it needs at least 8.

So, I can never ever change my email or my illegal password, with my password

that is too short to ever change itself in to a real password, so it can someday

grow up and help me change my "GD" crummy "" dead email!!

Here is my new email for replies, ( because the one Roku

won't let me change is no "bad word" good!  Craig

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Re: Changing Email

Maybe reach out to @RokuDanny-R and see what he can do to assist. Keep your description of the issue short and to the point. 

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Re: Changing Email

Apparently you can still log into your Roku account with your old password.

Will it let you change your password as a first step?  Once you can log in with the new password then you can try to update your email address.

FWIW, my password is only 6 characters and I was able to change my email address.  But that was several months ago, perhaps things have changed since then.

And another FYI, since I wondered about this myself, when you do get the email updated, it also changes the email address you use to log into your account and the email shown via Settings/System/About.

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